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Rats and mice not only destroy property and contaminate food and animal feed, they cause unsanitary conditions and can spread diseases. To help avoid a rodent infestation, remember to store grain, seed, pet food, and other potential food sources in a rodent-proof container. Eliminate outdoor water sources such as leaking pipes. Also, keep your property free from lumber, rocks, debris, weeds, or other materials that may give rodents harborage.

If you suspect a rodent problem, the THD Rodent Abatement Program can help. We’ll conduct a property survey to look for signs of rats, including possible food sources and harborage. Adjoining properties are included in our surveys. Should rats be found during the survey, THD can bait exterior residential premises. This will only be done with the permission of the property owner or occupant.

Please call 918-595-4200 to request an exterior rodent survey or for more information.

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