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Keeping our air, water and home safe as well as helping prevent illnesses and injuries are all part of our mission to create a healthier community.

Environmental Water Lab

The quality and safety of our drinking water supply is a foremost priority at THD. That is why THD operates its own in-house laboratory providing both bacteriological and chemical water quality testing for contaminates such as heavy metals, minerals and other impurities. If you have concerns about your public or private water, you may have your water tested for a fee. Simply visit the THD lab to obtain collection bottles. Use these bottles to collect your water samples. Please keep the collected water samples on ice and return them to the lab promptly for the best results. For bacteria testing, drinking water samples must be returned within 30 hours of the collection time.

Asbestos Removal

Call Before Attempting to Remove Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral formerly used in building materials primarily as an insulator or fire retardant. Today, asbestos is well recognized as a health hazard. Though it is often desirable or necessary to remove asbestos, its removal is highly regulated in order to protect public health. You must obtain a permit for asbestos removal.