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THD Community Dashboard is a web-based data dashboard to assist the community in finding information about the health and well-being of Tulsa County residents. Currently, there are approximately 100 indicators from various topics with the majority of topics under specific health categories. Each indicator can statistically be compared with other locations, such as Oklahoma State, Oklahoma County and the USA. The definition and source for each indicator is provided at the bottom of charts. Some charts that are represented with 3-Dimensional bars can be drilled-down for statistics by demographic breakdowns. The THD Community Dashboard is continuously updated as and when new data is available.


* Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department, Lincoln, NE
* Douglas County Health Department, Omaha, NE

Website Updates
Death Data is updated till Year 2014
Birth Data is updated till Year 2013
Access to Health updated till Year 2013
Menu drop-downs now work on mobile devices
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